Leadership/Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching in order to improve Executives and Leaders for developing new skills, preparing advancement and improving performance.

  • Excel and adapt to change.
  • Use their time effectively and take more strategic view.
  • Identify and deal with their blind spots.
  • Develop and communicate a compelling personal and organizational vision.

Team Coaching

Work with leaders and members of the team to establish team vision, mission, strategy and rules of engagement with one another. The main objective is to assist teams to achieve departmental/organizational goals.

  • Bring out hidden talents.
  • Inspiring team productivity.
  • Encourage team cooperation.
  • Refine conflict resolution skills.
  • Encourage innovation and creativity.

Change Management Coaching

Prepare leaders and all organizational stakeholders to become creators of change.

Performance Coaching

Helps employees at all level better understand the requirements of their jobs,  in order to improve their performance.

Group Coaching

Focus is on leadership development, career development, stress management and team building.

Targeted Behavioural Coaching

  • Help individuals to change specific behaviours/habits or learn new, more effective ways to work and interact with others.
  • Targets very successful individuals in their current jobs or assuming new responsibilities that require a change in specific behaviours.

Personal/Life Coaching

Helps individuals gain awareness of and clarify their personal goals and priorities, better understand their thoughts, feelings, options and take appropriate actions to change their lives, accomplish their goals and achieve fulfilment.

Business Coaching

Executives are coach at the following five levels depending on the specific challenge:

  • Business
  • Organizational
  • Leadership
  • Team
  • Interpersonal skills and personal level

Our coaching programmes are designed to meet our customers’ business needs which includes:

  • Build the system your business needs to GROW.
  • Balancing your personal and professional life.
  • Continuous progress tracking
  • Increased business revenues and profits

MB Sky Business Coaches and Mentors


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Mentoring and Coaching

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